Autism Spectrum Disorder

Signs of autism manifest early in childhood, with at least some indication of the disturbance before three years of age. Autism is characterized by abnormal social interaction, impaired communication, and restricted repetitive and stereotyped behaviors. Sometimes, parents are first alerted to the possibility of a disorder when the child is an infant. Parents may initially attribute the infant’s lack of responsiveness and failure to reciprocate social interaction to deafness.

Today there are many resources for children with Autism, as well as for parents who want to assist and support their children. A psychiatric evaluation helps to determine whether medication is indicated, and treatment can also be effective in decreasing the occurrence of temper outbursts, as well as diminishing aggressive behaviors. Equally important, a psychiatrist can work with parents not only to provide information and assist them in aiding their child, but also to help them find ways to ensure their own physical and mental well-being while dealing with the challenges that Autism may present to the family.